The Merchant of Venice

The Buskins Garden Show on the Worcester College Lake

4th - 8th June 2013
Tuesday - Saturday 8pm
Thursday 2:30pm
Saturday 12:30pm
£12  |  £8 concessions

Pre-show Talk with the Provost of Worcester College

7pm Thursday 6th June

Professor Jonathan Bate took up office as the Provost of Worcester College in the summer of 2011 on the retirement of Richard Smethurst.  Born in 1958, he studied English Literature at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge.  Since completing his doctorate, he has been a Professor at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, the University of Liverpool and the University of Warwick.  Among his written works are a biography of Shakespeare, Soul of the Age, and a history of his fame, The Genius of Shakespeare.   He is also on the Board of the Royal Shakespeare Company and was chief editor of the RSC edition of Shakespeare’s Complete Works.

In his talk, Professor Bate will be discussing in detail the various themes of the play and their wider relevance in both Shakespeare’s time and today.


Drama Workshops

12pm Thursday 6th June

We are offering several workshops to visiting school pupils: two workshops will take place at 12pm on the Thursday morning before the matinee performance. 

The Director and lead members of the cast will take a group of 30 students while the Assistant Director and other lead members of the cast takes a group of 20 students.  The workshops last for one hour which allows for a lunch break between the workshop and its accompanying performance at 2.30pm.

Each group will be taken through various acting warm-ups and a few drama games to get them energised and active, and then proceed to explore an extract from the play.  The aim is to engage the students with the text and explore the ways in which Shakespeare employs various literary and dramatic techniques.  We believe this will make the experience all the more relevant to the students’ analysis of dramatic writing as part of their GCSE or A-Level courses.  The sessions will finish with a short Q&A about life at Oxford and getting involved in student drama.


If you are interested in booking a group of school pupils into one of our workshops, please book as early as possible by contacting the Producer, Anna, at in order to avoid disappointment.

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